Long Road Home

Long Road Home

1. Separated By A Sunrise

2. Dance Me To The Moon

3. One Day

4. Breathless

5. The Return

6. Anthem For Earth (Ka Honua Nani Koki)

7. Canon in D*

8. Rain On The Seine

9. Reincarnation Song

10. At Last

11. Remembrance

12. Goodbye, My Love

      (* written by J. Pachelbel, arr. J. Alden)

All songs written/arranged, performed, produced, engineered, recorded and mixed by Jack Alden

Recorded in San Diego, CA, and New York, NY

Mastered at KMA Studios New York, NY, by M. Piazza and J. Alden

All songs © 1996-2012 Alden A. Rothe. All Rights Reserved.


I would like to thank my family and friends without whose enduring love and support through some tough times of self-doubt, I would not have been able to make this real. I have met many people along the way in turning what started out as a personal oral history of sorts into what I learned was a dream inside of me. Special thanks go to Roz for feeling my artistic vision and helping me get the sound I was looking for, Mike P. at KMA Studios for an outstanding job collaborating with mastering the recordings; they could not have turned out as well as they did without your ears and suggestions; Doug and Zack, you are my “resonant scholars”; were it not for your observations, the recordings would not have the depth and space they have now. To everyone I have met and come to know in Hawai’i, thank you from my heart for including me in your extended ohana. The aloha you have shared with me has been a source of so much creative inspiration that has worked its way into my faith in this endeavor. There is no mahalo big enough that can express how much I appreciate your guidance, good will, and interest in helping me grow as an artist and a person, but here goes: MAHALO!!! And lastly, but not leastly, to my kat, Skittlez, who has been with me through so much, I would not have been able to see this through without your being by my side through everything along the way.